2013, Latest Cydia Apps for WiFi and UI

2013: Latest Cydia Apps for WiFi and UI of iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Many iDevice users feel, their iPhone is greater than any other phone. Because of Jailbreak only. It provides control of hardware and low level software tweak. As Jailbreak might never be supported by the Apple. From time to time we need an update with regard to which Cydia Apps and tweaks are best and latest, and which one have died out a natural death. So what are the latest Cydia Apps and tweaks? For iPhone 5 and iOS 6? Lets first look at What a tweak really is, if you are a newbie.

Define Tweaks? Roughly it Reads as Cydia Apps

There’s no doubt that it gives you far more greater experience of iOS, on your iDevice. If you look for a definition of a tweak, it reads as a small change, modification, in order to improve something. In the context of Apple iDevices, after you open yourself to other Apps stores like Cydia, Weblin, and others, a tweak is an app that changes the experience of the  iOS. It allows you to do and improve, what you couldn’t do with your iDevice.

Cydia Apps and tweaks are best and latest
Although we have previously written about the best Cydia tweaks. However, in all fairness, there are different tweaks for different purposes.  So below we list them based upon their popularity, newness, and utility.

Latest Cydia Apps

System Tweaks

Customization of User Interface:

Themes for the iPhone, somehow fail to register in the mind of iPhone users as loudly as it does for Android users. However, there is a way to change iPhone themes. Dreamboard, and Winterboard are Cydia Apps which makes it possible for users to change themes and icons, and have a look of iPhone as an Android Phone or a Windows Phone.

WiFi Signal Booster
For some odd reason Apple didn’t really improved upon WiFi Antennas in iPhone 5, and many of the available WiFi hotpots are out of reach because of weak Antennas. In addition, this tweak fixes the issue of weak WiFi signal, and you get a great experience of Web all around the home, and office. Covers around 2-3 floors of any building.


Multimedia Tweaks


The latest Cydia App, MxTube for iPhone is akin to Android’s Youtube App. However, this one is more in the line of an App which allows you to download videos as well. These videos can be watched later.

  1. Full YouTube search (VEVO included)
  2. Background downloading
  3. Background videos
  4. Lockscreen iPod control support
  5. Repeat Mode


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