6 iOS 7 Concept by the Artists

iOS 7 Concept:

Just a month remains for the Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. This isn’t just the run of the mill conference that Apple will do. This is going to be very anticipated in the tech community, for the rumors of iOS 7 concept, user interface changes. Will it be a flat world? for Apple users? It remains to be seen whether these rumors are true.  Designers over the internet have come up with a lot of concept variations for the iOS 7 based on rumors. Here are few for you to look at.

By Tech Block

Anton Kovalev‘s mockup

iOS 7 Concept



ios 7 Concept















The advantage of such an exercise is our ability to form realistic expectations, and anticipation. This helps engagement with the technology in question. The products that we come to love, have these elements of surprising us, involving us, and the feedback given back results in more improved product. Apple does understand the nerve of consumers, and all of this kind of made Apple reluctantly use John Ivy as Software Architect, to go over this major overhaul.

More and more rumors are coming out everyday, and most of them are confirming a similar look and feel like what we have described above in the chosen concepts by artists around the world. Artist are such a creature that they have this sense of plucking it out of the air, for what is unseen, and is about to materialize. More so, its by their inspiration that many practical things come to life.

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