Amazon Cloud lets iDevices store Photos

Like most of iPhone users, who takes lot of photos. Its time to cheer up, Amazon is smiling upon you. After a while your photos start to take up too much of  space than bargained for as an armature photographer. Worry not, amazon has a gift for you to enjoy.

amazon cloud

The Web giant this week launched its Cloud Drive Photos app for iOS devices. The app, which has been available for Android since November, lets you securely store thousands of photos taken with your device in the Amazon Cloud for easy access. Users get 5GB of storage for free, before having to pay for additional storage. Prices for extra storage start at $10 a year for 20GB.

How Much storage without a penny down:


How many ways you can Access:

Virtually, as many iDevices you have, that many ways you can access Amazon Cloud and access your photos. Fair Enough.


This app serves a great purpose, as photos have become such a great part of our lives, and this is effecting even the way we navigate web, there are infographics, food photography, travel photography, iphonography, etc. However, you run out of space, and this is a free safety net you can use, to backup and even enhance your data storage.


The app requires iOS 6 or later.

Call to Action:

Cloud Drive Photos, vailable for free in the App Store now.

Source: PCMag


The app requires iOS 6 or later.

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