Apple Trade in Program: Get New iPhone for Old One

Apple Trade in Program for iPhones:

Apple Trade in Program is planned for the iPhones, it is going to be similar to buy back plans offered by the competition and third parties. Who wouldn’t like to get a new iPhone for his/her old one. This is a creative idea, and one imagines, why didn’t they think of it before? Apart from anything else it does. It would definitely boost sales for Apple iPhones. Would it not?

This is not new to Apple iPhones. Previously, this has been done through third parties like AT&T and Verizon and others. What difference would it make, if Apple takes the matters of trade-in, in to its own hands? Chances seem to favor the possibility that it would increase sales. Imagine a scenario, you want new iPhone 5, and you have iPhone 4s. Would it be easy to go through a third party? or just to approach staff in Apple store, and get money or a new iPhone right away? you guessed it, this is going to be a hit, if launched rightly. The current version of the program is hard to find on Apple’s website.

Why would sales need boosting in the first place? is it because of competition? Yes. Is it because prices are high? Yes and the updates to their hardware and software are not so game changing so many hold on to their older devices longer.


apple trade in program

Bloomberg has reported:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is starting an iPhone trade-in program this month aimed at getting users to upgrade to the iPhone 5 and turn in older models, people with knowledge of the plans said. Apple has teamed up with Brightstar Corp., a mobile-phone distributor, to run the exchange program, said the people, who asked not to be identified because Apple hasn’t publicly announced the plan.

Cell phone exchange is quite common around the world. People love to exchange one cell phone with another, friends do it, colleagues do it. Almost everyone does it. There’s a trend to Jailbreak and iPhone and to sell it over EBay as well. There’s no doubt that a Jailborken iPhone, or any iDevice gives you a rather greater control over a contracted non-Jailborken iPhone. It remains to be seen also, can Apple divert its strategy and welcome Jailbreak? In my honest opinion, that may not happen at all. It could only be so, if all top management changes like BlackBerry, and they decide a new company strategy, that includes, Accepting Jailbreak.


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Source: Bloomgerg


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