Looking for Best Crossword Puzzle Games? Try 94 Seconds [Video]

Looking for Crossword Puzzle Games?

Who wouldn’t fancy Crossword Puzzle Games? Almost anyone with a bit of inkling to take neurons for a spin would. Its a cliche to say we live in a connected world. This adds to the new dimensions, even for cross word puzzle game. Now it has a social aspect as well. There’s a choice to publish your scores, and pressure to do good, and put extra effort. In addition, you can play with your friends, rather than racking your brain on your own, or perhaps compete with them.

If you love words, rather than numbers, and looking to try out new cross word puzzles, then you can try 94 seconds. It has come to attention, as it was featured on App store in the section of new and noteworthy.

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Keep it Simple, and Label 94 Seconds

94 Seconds is an even number, but to give that much time to solve a puzzle is odd. Why not 60 seconds? or 30 Seconds? It wants to stand out, as it did. In this simple game, players are provided with this amount of time to list as many answer as they can. Its like collage of concepts, that springs to mind, as probable answer for series of questions.

crossword puzzle games

Gamification of Puzzle Games

What ingredients make a puzzle game stand out over others? As we review many puzzle games, it seems there is underlying common pattern. They all have similar factors like, having you bank on quick decision making, Time Pressure, etc. However, they all pose different challenges, and vary from each other to certain extent that they don’t cross the line where you feel alienated by the experience, not it becomes to familiar and boring. When right factors key in, the furtherĀ Gamification of Puzzle turns into an addictive ordeal. 12 Steps Program may not be able to help for a week, as you tear your hair, and scream, and do all sort of hysteric things, as you progress through puzzles the game poses.

Points and No Points

The game uses, simple points structure, the most obvious correct answer would yield you one point. The Road Less travelled Answer would get you 2 points. If you give incorrect answers what do you expect? zero points, and also it eats up some of your seconds as penalty.

94 seconds

How Long Can you Play? Before You Get Bored?

There are in App purchases to help make the game more interesting. Its system is similar to “Coins” purchase of Temple Run. Joker assists with find the most proper words, and to score many more points. Now that i come to think of some of these in App purchases, they are also like “Cheat Sheet.” Nevertheless, this Game with further updates, have in it to take to all time best selling lists.

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