Best Productivity Apps: Beesy, Get More Out of Work and Business [Video]

One of Best Productivity Apps: Beesy: Get More Out of Business

You are stuck, unhappy, and labelling yourself as a Failure. Haven’t we all have felt this way, overwhelmed by too much information overload. Fragmentation of “Conscious Attention”. Not knowing where to start and take control of your life and business. Millions are in search of a pill to solve all the problems once Face. And Many claim to do this for you. There might be authenticity to many of the claims, but we find not to be so in most of the cases. Stumbling through the question, and trying to find Apps to make us more organized we found Beesy, One of the Best Productivity Apps.
Why we need  Any Productivity App?
With the Rise of Tablets and smartphones, these devices have become inevitable part of the Business/Work world. These devices on their own aren’t sufficient enough. Previously we had at our disposal, Paper, Calculator, T0-Do list, and Note taking diaries. These things did the job, but are these enough on their own? Especially with growing awareness with the wastage of paper and how it impacts our world. Beesy App may not be your sole reason to “Go Green” but it registers as an added benefit and feel good factor.
  1. Information overload We are bombarded with emails, and meetings, meetings over trivial things and urgent things, and not so important things. Does anyone ever sees the bigger picture?
  2. Connected world also imposes that we are more connected than ever. And every connection requires a quota out of our attention.
  3. Measure Everything, So many things to consider before we do anything. Be it eating, count calories. Be it sleep, go the power sleep way. Be it running, measure how much you run.
  4. Nothing Synchronizes all your stuff. The notes you take on iPad/iPhone fail to sync on their own with your PC and Mac, and even to calender and to-do list built into these devices.
  5. Note taking software, heavy and slow to process and launch
  6. No tools for People who are part of team or manage teams
  7. Where are your priorities? if you would never set them then who will? Gods are not coming to help.
  8. Incomplete Works and Goals? Do you ever go back or keep moving ahead?
Other Reasons for Inefficiency at work [Infographic]
key factors of inefficiency at work: too many meetings and the lack of tools are clearly the main reasons that can lead to many lost hours per employee. Fortunately, tablets and productivity apps can help them save up to 30 minutes a day.
To clearly demonstrate this,
best productivity apps

Beesy, have Edge on others: Note taking App for iPad


How many times have you said, “i am Busy”, phonetically “beesy”, gives this Productivity App its creative yet original name. For now available only for iPad. We hope they change its interface a little, and make it available for iPhone as well.



  1. Take meeting notes, and with automation notes go to, the To-Do list and Task / Project management.
  2. We love its interface, as our background is in human computer interaction, we keep noticing how many great Apps fail because of bad interface and how small changes to interfaces help make an app great.
  3. Excellent in communicating with native Apple and Microsoft apps. This is where its sole power lies.
  4. Retina display compatible, which also helps on top of great interface.
  5. A clearer bigger picture view of tasks at hand.
  6. All in one App that combines day planner calendar, note taking, to-do task management, people management and project management.
  7. It helps share data with teams, and also synchronized Project management and team synergy.
  8. Beesy lets you add audio, notes, photos, drawings, maps and web pages.
  9. EverNote is also supported by Beesy.

Improvements to be made in Updated versions (Suggestions by iPhonage)

  1. Perhaps they can fill generic data, so that users aren’t overwhelmed by the first time of its use.
  2. An iPhone version with new interface for small screen should be made as well.
  3. In-App purchases for more features perhaps could already be included in price.
  4. Tutorials could be made more engaging and helpful, to learn the App fast. (How we learn, the psychology of learning can help in making these tutorials)

This makes one’s iPad a serious business device. You can increase your productivity many folds. Synergy is the motto here, you with the help of Beesy’s interface work with all tools in one place- day planner calendar, note-taking, to-do task management, people management and project management.

The thorough integration makes this a winner. Best for teams and being on the same page for almost any project. At first you would have to import data from Mail, and Calender, (which could perhaps by programming also be imported, to make this app more addictive.)

This App has the potential to overtake EverNote, if they perhaps change the name, so that the connotations of it are made with note-taking, and team management, and to-do-list. The current name although quite catch, perhaps fail to communicate the purpose of the App. In current circumstances you only have one second or less to make an impression and get people hooked.

Joshua Logan
Journalist, Mobile Apps developer, and Human Computer Interaction expert writes columns and reviews for Technograte, TechWench, and other technology sites. He loves to write about interfaces, and adds opinions about how technology can serve us better. Google

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