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Best Travel Apps Tripomatic, Travel Guides & Offline City Maps, Trip Planner

It has to be one of the Best Travel Apps out there, as we have talked about Galileo Offline Maps also before. How is the general mood before packing up for the vacations? Why do most of us fail to carry out this good feeling spread over the whole time of vacation? What stops and hinders in doing so? Wrong expectations attached to the Trip also undermines the whole experience. Guide books of the cities in question, do give suggestions of site seeing, and social and fun activities.

The solution of less disappointment attached to trips comes in the form, finding correct information about a city, say New York, contained in this Semi Crowdsourced iOS App Tripomatic. It contains Offline Maps of the cities, and Guides and Trip planning facility.

best travel apps


Best Laid Plans Can Go Wrong

It is based upon the idea of what you might get to see in a day. The concept is based upon, you can only do so much in a day. Plotting what to see on what particular day gives you a direction for the whole trip. Even best laid plans can go wrong, however, we can never stop to plan.Better plans do accommodate contingencies in them as well. So in this App you can swap the days planned and change their order. As Plans are there for us to function in face of ambiguous situation and less information, and to give an overall strategy.

best travel apps

Travelers will be your Guide in this Trip

Another Concept, that seems to be working for this App is to let travelers works as mapping guides, and you can upload information about certain area and activities and things going on it, and reviewers can take a look and approve. This way, the mapping keeps growing in right direction, and a new traveler is better informed before the actual travel even starts.

best travel apps

Historic Cities of the World, De Mystified?

For Free this App for iPhone lists, historic cities, museums, and famous buildings and spots of tourist attraction around the world. Here from their website,

We have included more than 40,000+ attractions in 300+ destinations worldwide, with photos, contact details, opening hours and admission fees. Discover new ideas and plan your trip right in the app.

What’s near you? Be guided to Where you feel like Going

While on the trip, roaming the streets, you would see a heading indicator that shows the distance of and directions to attractions near you, where you would want to go, it lets you change plan according to your moods.

Interface of Tripomatic App? Web Application and iPhone App

Even though the App has great interface as far as the Map goes, but they need a redesign of the part where one “Plans the Trip”. So the process becomes a bit Easier. It is fairly quick, but problem arises with specific dates of travel, and planning a longer trip. Web Application from their website is rather easier, perhaps a newer design on iPhone App would create a better experience as far as planning, and entering details about the Trip part goes.

So Where would you be Going Next?

Before you even travel, you have a perception about how would it be like. If it is a first time trip, the perception is far off from the actual trip. As you take a virtual trip right inside the App, you would see things near by, what to see and what not to include in your daily itineraries. There also exist the list of highlights of trip included in the App.

As you add stops along your trip, Tripomatic plots them on a map. You can continue adding new points of interest based on what’s nearby while exploring the map, or from a list of highlights.

On Demand of Users now, Built-in offline maps from MapBox are included

Since the iOS6 map controversy, many users have been trying to find a better mapping solution. That’s why we have integrated MapBox maps into the Tripomatic app; beautiful and detailed maps based on Open Street Map, styled for city walks and displayed in retina quality. Available to download for offline use.


Compared to others, we really liked some features of App. Roaming the Map feature, actually gives you the experience of travel, that helps in planning it better, and spreading it over days also helps make the plan more organized. Future updates, and listening to customers of the Apps would definitely give this one edge over others out there.


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