EasilyDo, You may Save every Run of the Mill Day

EasilyDo, You may Save every Run of the Mill Day

Time perhaps can never be saved. It seems to slip, and years pass by. Unless you come to live a conscious (examined life). Many by mistake, try to manage things like, saving few seconds here and there. Perhaps you never manage time, you actually manage your “Attention”. It needs to be on the “Wide View” and also on the mundane and urgent things. But never at the expense of Important things. EasilyDo, a productivity App, may fancy displaying, “how much time saved” on their website. In our honest opinion, it does more. It improves quality of our lives.

As a concept an assistant may help, in allocating your attention to the right task, reminder, and action at the right time. So you  don’t end up wasting time, but enjoying and improving your quality of life, by being allowed to have more control and empowerment.

Save the World? One task at a time

One may never get a chance to Save the world, but in a world, where everyone have more control over their life by technology, would do just great. For every Run of the Mill task, what super-powers do you need?

Set EasilyDo up, Now, Not Later

Usually, what hinder in doing many worthwhile things in life, is the first ugly step. In the case of Any Assistant App, setting it up makes many not start on it in the first place. This is where this App makes it easy for you to set it up. It communicates directly with many of Social Network Services,Calenders, Email services like

  1. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Exchange, and IMAP email accounts,
  2. Evernote, iCloud, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (one Facebook account allowed)

Just Authentication is required in steps, and EasilyDo automatically fetches information. It will find stories that might interest you, Facebook stories, Important emails, Friends birthdays, and etc.

(it allows you to configure and control what sort of Notifications you may get)

Leave in Time for Your Next MeetingGet directions and notifications advising youwhen to leave based on current traffic.


Interface, Clutter Free

The Landing page displays new notifications, and hints about possible actions. You can keep it clutter free, by easily completing actions or deleting unwanted Notifications. With Easy to use toggles you can switch once and for and for all.

Manage Your ContactsAutomatically, EasilyDo finds new contacts to add from your email, and gets rid of duplicates instantly.


EasilyDo’s Enables you to take control of up to 30 Plus Actions for streamline the following tasks:

  1. iOS Calendar (and synced calendars)
  2. See the next meeting • Email, text, or call attendees
  3. View attendees’ LinkedIn profiles
  4. Alert you when it is time to leave for your next meeting
  5. Dial into conference calls with pass-codes
  6. Get directions and estimated drive time to your next meeting
  7. Send pre-written messages to let others know that you are on your way, running late, lost, almost there, or just arriving
  8. Remind when bills are due
  9. Respond to emails with Gmail Quick Actions
  10. File receipts (option to save to Evernote)
  11. Save emails to Evernote
  12. Alert you to important emails from designated contacts and/or with matching keywords
  13. View boarding passes (for select airlines) prior to flight
  14. View reservations from hotels, restaurants (OpenTable), and event services (Eventbrite, Meetup, Ticketmaster) and add to your calendar
  15. View movie tickets (Fandango) and event passes prior to showtime
  16. RSVP to invitations (GCal, Evite)
  17. etc.

Can all this be Easily Done?
Its hard to imagine that this App is Free, and functions without any hiccups, and they keep on adding new stuff, with the aid of feedback they get. Hence, it has improved a lot even  after few months of its launch. Keeps your attention the right things. Our suggestions for this App, are on the line of elegant programming to get the information from third-party services more quickly. May be using more accurate data for weather and traffic, and some ways to customize it by providing it hints from the App, about One’s relationships, rather than have all the data controlled by social networks as a source.

What users say From iTunes App Store:
“Keeps me on top of birthdays, appointments, etc. I love how it merges contacts!”

“Easy to use! Everything all in one spot!!! Click and done!!! Super!”

“Catches things I didn’t even know I was missing!”

“…saved ten minutes in 10 seconds! Awesome!”

“Excellent – More features than Tempo.”

“My go to everyday app!”

What Causes Decision Fatigue?

Decision Fatigue Infographic


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