Fun Puzzle Games: Miseria Gives Horrific Fun

Fun Puzzle Games: Miseria

It’s extremely difficult to get the formula for Fun Puzzle Games right. Too tough and you would never get far, to easy and you would lose interest. Miseria, creates fun with arcade style action, artistic design, and gruesome graphics. The horror music, mind bending puzzles and a deviant way from the norm game play adds to the fun of the game.


Trick of Puzzle Games:

If we look at one of the most selling games ever, you would find many games like Angry Birds, and other puzzle games making the list almost all the time.

What makes them so addictive, and popular? It requires delicate balance of

  1. Nice music,
  2. And right level of puzzle difficulty,
  3. Allowing for different routes to solve the problem
  4. Etc.

There is no fun feeling, other than to solve the puzzle, and to do so the most elegant way. To do so without elegance, may help you progress, but you would want to go back, and solve the puzzle elegantly. Doing so, increase the chances to create a happy feeling inside your brain.

miseria worlds apart

A Bit Steeper Learning Curve

Perhaps the reason, this game has failed to get as much attention as it deserves. The reason is Controls of the Game. Some people may not get a positive feeling to start with this game, as it employes unique game play, different than the norm. Its quite difficult to get the graphics right for a haunting experience of the game. This is not downright frightening game, think more on the lines of Adams Family.

Miseria: Cast and Credits

Main Character: Lurk (Spikey Fur Ball)

Supporting Character: Lurk’s Girlfriend

Villain: Grunzel (Monster Spider)

Villain’s Helpers: Obstacles (Spinning Saws, Hungry Bats, Distracting Teleporters, Etc)

There are not too many Complications in the plot. Creative tension is created by Grunzel Spider Monster, as it does the dirty work of kidnapping the Lurk’s girlfriend. What makes this a Puzzle Game you ask? Puzzle stats with the Maze that Lurk has to traverse through to get to her Girlfriend and save her from Grunzel. This isn’t an easy road, and many obstacles and gravity plays its role against Lurk.

Game Play

Like “Where is my Water” Grunzel waits at the bottom for Lurk to fall. At times we hate when screen orients differently, but this game requires and starts only as you rotate and rotate and help Lurk progress through the Maze. As we said earlier, this isn’t going to be an easy road.


Why learn yet another “Puzzle Game”. As you move through the game play, you would find this unique and fun game. Although, it has similarities with other famous games, but the elements it adds, make this great fun. Some levels are seriously challenging, but completing them would give you great satisfaction. If you are looking for a parallel to other puzzle games. You should Fancy Miseria: Worlds Apart.

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