How to install iOS 7 beta? On Any iPhone

How to install iOS 7

The iOS 7 beta is ready for Any iPhone, if It is iPhone 4 or Above

The Apple’s iOS 7 is a beta release. Many are asking how to install it on their iPhones. Exciting news is you can get it for any of your iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. The process is supposed to be fairly easy, but one must be aware of the problems that beta has, even Apple doesn’t know about them. By using this beta software, feedback will emerge, and Apple will make corrections before the final release. Plus you need the Developer’s license to download iOS 7, it is not for free.

Warning: To install the iOS 7 beta for any of your your iPhone 4 and above, has its risks, like any other beta product. Backup is highly recommended, also is recommended that you use it on your spare device, as device itself can become inoperable.

First Step:

So are you registered at Apple’s developer program? if not you can follow the link and register yourself for iOS 7 beta copy.

Sign up for the Apple Developer Program -

Second Step:

Its easy to locate iOS 7 beta, once you are registered. You would need beta version of the program which is right for your device. Do not download iPhone 4S version on iPhone 5.

Third Step:

Download the right beta version, and then you must have latest iTunes also. If you haven’t then you can easily find it on

 Fourth Step:

Open and Extract the compressed .dmg file. Look for the “.ipsw” extension in the extracted files.

Fifth Step:

It is time to connect your iPhone to your computer and click open and launch iTunes. Now click on the button “iPhone”  in iTunes, as it displays your device’s statistics. Back up at this point is highly recommended.

Sixth Step:

Finally you have to Hold down the “Option” button, and then click on the button “Restore iPhone”  it will open up a file chooser window. Locate the iOS 7 beta file downloaded and select it the install process will start. It is suppose to take just under 10 minutes.

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