iFunFace, Make Talking Pictures for Fun, Education [Video]

iFunFace, Make Talking Pictures and Video For Fun and Education

Simply put iFunFace helps you make talking Pictures. Perhaps that was initially the goal of DryGin Studios. However, there have emerged authentic feedback, that Alzheimer patients in a family use them to remember family member names as well. Would there be more educational uses, on top of the “Fun Side” of Pictures/Photos that talk.

talking pictures

The Pressure and Ease of Sharing (Being Bullied by Share-ability)

There’s no doubt the Common Man/Woman are powerful beyond measure, compared to any Commoner of Any previous Era. Technology has empowered in such a way that you can Print, Produce, Author, Create all sort of Media material,  right from the comfort of your Recliner. You can sell, share for fun educate, and find solutions of Common problems, “Grandma keep forgetting names” and many more of such problems. You can have Photos of yours, friends, family or Pets to Blabber-ize, to keep life to analogies and concepts inside your head.

talking pictures


Urgency, No Value vs. Creating Value

Although, this empowerment gave, spammers a go, now with crackdown on link exchanges and a movement to kill spam all over the world, quality content from common people is emerging, that has value. Why create stuff that doesn’t have much value.Teenagers might still keep producing low quality content, but that content has social value among their group. And they Grow up eventually.

iFunFace gives you Talking Photos and Videos

As previously mentioned, The Pressure to Produce something to share for your social circle, is urging people to come up with new spin on things said, or to criticize. Try slapstick humor, have pets talking as people and stuff.Its a great tool to keep producing content, and say it a bit differently, so it gets registered and remembered more. Talk about “Social Impact Quotient”. I don’t think anyone has reviewed this App with social impact point of view. But in hindsight it seems it is used by people who have great social impact because of using such tools.


For Free to Try

The iFunFace App is downloaded almost 2 million download and around 500,000 videos sharedeither by E-Mail, FaceBook or YouTube. These are huge numbers, and this adds to their success and creating and refining this App. So Expect the updates to go viral as well. If more content is integrated,  people will definitely be more creative with this Application, and more and more content creation and sharing would happen. The basic application is free, and fun starts at this, but they also have in-App purchases like head swaps and etc, that helps you go the extra mile and do things, that people with free version are unable to do, so you get your Uniqueness Plus thing going socially.

talking photos

iFunFace has many features that helps you be entertaining and creative.

  1. Identify the face and mouth of one or multiple characters
  2. Record your comedic bit and select a Voice filter
  3. Share your creation and spread the laughter
  4. Add different accessories (hats, glasses, mustaches, etc.) to any of the characters to enhance the hilarity of your iFunFace creations.
  5. Create complex conversations with up to four characters that can interact with each other.
  6. Easily share videos created straight from iFunFace with friends and family via social sharing options like EMail, Facebook, or simply save it to your Camera roll for later enjoyment.

Suggestions for Improvement

A group has more that 4 friends usually, so for allowing to add more subjects for each new animation, would be nice. There is a limit on how many subjects can be in each animation.

Interface could be made more intuitive, almost all interfaces can be made better, redesigning a little, and making the reaction time fast, by perhaps reprogramming would make it more easy to use.Fun Face tag is a bit annoying at times.


Its a great App to help you be funny, and have something to say socially. However, it does have some serious uses, like helping Alzheimer patients, or anyone with memory impairments. It can be used to remember names, could be educational for kids as well, to help them learn with characters they love (Cartoons, Pets). Hope they add more fun features and promote the educational and Memory aspect of the App as well.



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