iOS 7 beta is Not Free [Video]

iOS 7 beta is Not Free:

Finally Apple did release the first iteration of Major changes to iOS since its’ inception, iOS 7 beta. To people all over the world, who are excited about this launch. The news is, it isn’t for free. You have to be part of the Apple’s Developer program [$99 per year] to play with this one. Else you have to wait for the fall of official release of iOS 7.

ios 7 beta

iOS 7 beta Features Revealed:

iOS 7 is great to look at, some of the rumors were true. It was revealed by Apple today, at this year’s WorldWide Developers Conference. Flat world idea turned out 100% true. Well done for some of the near perfect concept, some guys came up with. Also, major changes demanded by the iDevices users, have been taken into account. Simplicity, like obsession still drives, this version of the iOS. However, no doubt about it, it is great to look at.


Shouting Flat, but forgot Colors, and Translucency:

Many shouted, its going to be a flat world, and in some of the concept videos, sketches it didn’t look great. We can’t put our finger on what made it a hit, but it has

  1. Something to do with simple design.
  2. Extensive and wise use of colors to cover for skeuomorphism.
  3. More intuitive icon design.
  4. iTunes iRadio Service Launch.
  5. Adding Translucency layers.

itunes radio

If you would would like to watch the video, in which Apple introduces iOS through John Ivy. It  can be found on the website. Here is a direct link for you iOS 7 Official Video.


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