What hints iOS 7 provides about iPhone 5s Features

iOS 7  and iPhone 5S Features

Apple’s WWDC 2013, did unveil the new Apple Operating System iOS 7. As we have made previous attempts at iPhone 5S and what should Apple include in it. Now we had some more evidence to come up with a juxtaposition that is more likely. What would be iPhone 5S Features? but first thing first where’s new iPhone?

Why didn’t Apple have an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 ready for WWDC? It seems Apple wanted to get the Software right, hardware can be outsourced, and is easier part. Apple was due for major look and feel change, because of the competition piling up the onus on better software design for a while.

New iOS and new Hardware:

Although iOS 7 has been released, but its a beta version, and the version for iPhone customers will be released in Fall with new iPhone 5S. One thing is for certain that new iPhone 5S will come up with better hardware, how good a hardware that would be? we’ll come to that later. New hardware, will be optimized for the new iOS 7. It seems Apple has gotten rid of lot of unnecessary elements of skeuomorphism. So the new iOS  7 might run quite fast than any of its predecessors. It might run quite well on iPhone 5 as well. Perhaps Release of iPhone 5S is in Fall of 2013.

iPhone 5S Features

  1. Faster Processor
  2. Better Camera
  3. Improved Microphones
  4. Improved Sensors
  5. Network Standard improvement (802.11ac)
  6. Battery Life Improvement


iPhone 5S Features



What New Set of Icons in iOS has to say about iPhone 5S:

Almost all native apps are revamped, like Game Center, Weather and Calendar. In addition, there are whole lot new features like AirDrop, Depth of Display. There’s a slight chance that Device could be larger than iPhone 5, so more real-estate for the new revamped icons, and better viewing of Apps, documents, webpages, and perhaps movies and videos. Almost always, an upgrade on resolution, so that new things shine and bling bling more.

1. Faster Processor

If the multitasking is to be performed, and improved upon, then perhaps iPhone 5S needs a far powerful processor than the iPhone 5. Air Drop, and Gaming centers, and other processor hungry processes would ask for quite a powerful chip. Perhaps more powerful than Apple thought of before redesign of iOS 7. iOS 7 puts more demands on hardware as well, for it to perform at optimal speeds for processor intensive activities like Gaming.

2. Powerful and Better Camera

Nokia and others have gone one step ahead, with great lenses, that make for a better camera than a cellphone perhaps. Apple drastically needs to come up with improvements on Camera hardware, only improving Mega pixel wouldn’t do it.

3.Improved Microphones

Many of the improvements with Siri and FaceTime would call upon for improved hardware of microphones, to be able to provide better voice quality calls for VoIP FaceTime calls and Siri Queries over the web.

4. Improved Sensors

If you tend to provide depth with Layers operating independently, you gotta come up with more accurate technology for the accelerometer to work this out properly.

5.Network Standard improvement

Three times faster data speeds.

6.Battery Life Improvement

Its a complaint by many, and new features and processor would definitely demand a better battery life. Now Applications like Facebook and Google Now are being blamed for eating up the battery. Is there a solution to kill such apps? Just better battery wouldn’t cut it.

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