What are going to be iPhone 5S Features? Think what 4S got

iPhone 5S Features

Rumors keep resurfacing, as mixed responses of the Apple Management are heard. There are rumors about first Apple Phablet. There are news about new iPhone with larger screens. Multiple colors cheaper iPhones. However, a rather more calculated prediction is that next iPhone is going to be iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5S Features are going to a similar upgrade, that iPhone 4S got from iPhone 4.


Many may be disappointed to know that the next iPhone is not a complete makeover in the shape of iPhone 6. As it is believed that Apple pulled it off with iOS 7. Had it been for a newly designed iPhone 6 on top of new iOS, perhaps that would have gotten people more excited this fall.

What are the improvements?

iPhone 5S may feature following upgrades,

  1. Improved Home Button (Perhaps Finger Scanner)
  2. Multiple Colors
  3. 12 Mega-pixel Camera
  4. 2 Mega-pixel Front Camera
  5. Higher resolution Display than iPhone 5
  6. 128 GB model could also feature with iPhone 5S
  7. Could have NFC support
  8. May include world-wide 4G Support


iPhone 5S release Date:

Come September, you may get the iPhone 5S with new shiny iOS 7 packed in it. There could be up to 8 different colors, think 5th generation iPods.

iPhone 5S Price

There are few things that you love about Apple, that is price remains roughly the same for new models, as it was for older models. Compared to other competitors like Samsung, and HTC, and others, Apple iPhone customers don’t have anything to complain about regarding price of new model iPhone 5S.

An unlocked iPhone 5S would perhaps cost $699 plus for the 16GB model. So on and so forth for bigger memory. Deals will be available from mobile service providers, if phone is to be bought on contract.

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