iPhone Themes: Install your Own Unique Themes Manually

iPhone Themes: Install your Own Unique Themes Manually

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone Themes available on Cydia Repositories. But wouldn’t you agree that even the best ones are died in the dump, and rarely do you find information about the one, which will be unique, awesome, and good looking at the same time. I suspect many premium themes are even moving away from Cydia App store, and moving in the direction of privately sold and manually installed direction. To stand out from many of the ugly one’s this step seems justified.

Requirements for Manual iPhone Theme:

  1. Must have a Jailbroken iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc)
  2. Must have Cydia App installed
  3. Must have access to root file directories, to browse your iDevice (e.g iExplorer)
  4. A Free or Purchased theme


  1. Open Root Directory and Locate to – “Library/Themes”
  2. Locate your purchased premium themes like “Jaku”.
  3.  Unzip Purchased premium “Bundles Theme Files”, there you’ll find icon sets for iDevices.
  4. Copy, and Paste the iPhone icon set to “Library/Themes” folder.
  5. on iPhone, go to winter-board and apply Jaku theme

After you have experimented with this Premium theme installing you can go ahead and may be even create your own icons, that’s not difficult to do either. Loads of information is available to make your own custom themes, imagine using your own awesome photos to be used as part of theme for iOS iDevice.


Joshua Logan
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