New Technology To Identify Pets: Pet Video Verify

Pet Video Verify

Pet Video Verify is a startup trying to revolutionize how pets are identified today. Pet Video Verify also wants to create a one stop site that the pet owner can come to, to solve many of their pet’s needs. We want to use the power of the Internet to help all pet owners everywhere to better take care of their furry friends using information technology. This helps pets and their owners to live happier lives. The current web application has three parts that helps pet owners everywhere, they are:

The first part is the video identification system for lost and found pets. The system is a patent-pending system looking to revolutionize how to identify pets. Micro chipping is perhaps the main way in which a pet is identified in the world. The micro chip has a variety of problems such as the information tied to the chip being incorrect, the chip scanner not being able to pick up the micro chip, as well as other problems. With Pet Video Verify’s video identification, the way to identify pets is easier and safer. The user basically takes a video of their pet, recording special markings and mannerisms. They then upload the video to their profile. If their pet becomes lost, they go into their profile and mark the pet as lost. Other users of the system can then search through the list and by looking at the video identify the pet and return it to the owner.

The second part of Pet Video Verify’sweb application is the ability to keep their pet’s medical records on the internet. The pet owner would go to their vet and receive a copy of their pet’s medical records. They will then scan the documents into their computer system. They then go to the website and login. Once in their pet’s profile, they then can describe the document and upload a electronic copy of the pet medical record. This record is then available in a 24×7 environment which can be really helpful especially in an emergency situation.

The third application that is part of Pet Video Verify’sweb application is the ability for the pet owner to sell pet items to other users on the system. The pet owner simply takes a picture of the pet item that they wish to sell. They then login to the site and go to their profile. They take the electronic copy of the picture and upload it to the site. After describing the item they mark it as for sale. Other users can then login to the system and search for items that they want to buy and contact the seller.

The smart phone is a great way to interact with Pet Video Verify’s web application. The smart phone web browsers work great with the site. Just imagine how useful this can be when you are on the run and you need to look up information on your pet. For example, say you are traveling and your pet needs medical care. When you go to the vets office that doesn’t have your pet’s medical records, you can pull them up on your smart phone. This could potentially save your pet’s life!

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