One of the best Free iPhone Games: Encircle the Turtle

One of the best Free iPhone Games, Encircle the Turtle!

Why would everyone rate it as One of the best Free iPhone Games? Encircle the Turtle. Had it been for the title to read out as “Angry Turtle”. This game might have caught more attention. If they had resources to improve graphics, it might addict the best of brainy game lovers out there.
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It might have put off  many, who looked at this game, while browsing iTunes store. But over experience of reviewing many games tell us that Encircle the Turtle, isn’t like any other run of the mill game. Perhaps with uplift in the shape of richer graphics, and maybe more engaging animations, and giving character of circle and Encircler a richer personality might make it into the big league of one of the most downloaded games on iTunes Store.

Easy to Master? Think Again

As the one liner of their website says, “its east to learn, yet hard to master” Think Kungfu Panda and Shifu having a conversation. Yes its that profound. If i had to look for any analogy, i wouldn’t think Angry birds.

What is Playing it like?
Think of other turn by turn games, “Tic-Tac-Toe”. Its perhaps more of Lateral Tic-Tac-Toe. Every Move matters. It is definitely not as complex as Chess, as turn by turn games get. But its certainly not easy. Whatever role you may come to play with. You would find opponent a cunning one.
What makes it a game? An Addictive one?
  1. Not complete information to make decisions
  2. a system, and system of rules in which agents compete
  3. Goals, small ones (tactics)
  4. The ultimate Goal (Trap the turtle, or Not to be trap as turtle)

Decision making in the face of incomplete information is as much part of our day to day life experience as anything. We perhaps don’t notice it, because not all systems give timely feedback. Part of an addictive game is, quick feedback, and engaging experience. “Short time Span” and quick decision making. So it ticks all the right guidelines of a game. And one cannot get away from it, as it gets more addictive with time.

It’s currently rated a perfect 5/5 stars.
You can look for it on iTunes Store, and perhaps let us know, if you liked the review, or is it unfair? You decide.

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