One of the Thoughtful Shopping Apps: ShopAssist

Thoughtful Shopping Apps: ShopAssist

Flat Interface to Match iOS 7:

First thing that strikes about the ShopAssist is that, it has beautiful Windows 8  style, Flat interface with the nice colorful combination. Most shopping Apps, and even other utilities Apps use colors at random, which most applications try to do so, by picking up random colors to make an application sort of colorful.It is a well thought out interface, Flat, and useful.


Do you carry a shopping calculator or spending tracker? Are you a budget conscious shopper. As you near the checkout, do you ever panic? Do you worry about buying a small thing, right before checkout? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to manage all that right from your iPhone or Android?

Do you need a Shopping Assistant?
Didn’t we all wish someone who can assist us? Shopping is a complex matter, if only one could see our “Shopping habits” and let us know, hey!! silly stop. We spend lot of unnecessary money on things that we don’t need, and may come to use. To spend more money than we anticipated is a trait that runs across all cultures.
How could we improve our shopping experience? ShopAssist
A small change that we can make, is to track our expenses and analyze our shopping habits,
  1. Where you shop
  2. What you buy
  3. When you buy

If only we measure, we can change a lot with this feedback, and improve. In Most of the cases, where we are unable to control us, are where we fail to measure parameters that matter.

Another Important thing we can do in this regard is, to have a useful expense tracker at our disposal, that help us measure the following,

  1. Shopping calculator
  2. Adjustable budget setting functionality
  3. Automatic sales tax addition
  4. Edit function to allow correction of incorrectly entered information
  5. Product type tracking
  6. Shopping history database
  7. Add your favorite stores
  8. Choose your currency
  9. Digital shopping receipts


If you get down to comparing some of the software that aid in shopping, then you’ll see that although they more or less have same functions, but its difficult to tweak most of them to suit your needs. The thing that tilts us towards ShoppingAssist is, its ease of use and clutter free interface.

Not to propel you in to buying anything, but perhaps trying this might shed away some of frustrations connected with this software.
If you wish to try this App, here is the link to it on iTune store ShopAssist.
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