Take Better Pictures, iPhonography 101:

Define and redefine:

Creativity a divine gift? Much of the Mystery around creativity, evaporates, when you view creativity as a “Habit of Mind” than the rouge muse taking over. First thing First, get the mindset right. So what habits can make you great iPhonographer, the person people would label as “creative”.

Define and then redefine, arrange and rearrange things around you, you can take as many shots as you can. However, if you have just gone with the first answer of how you should take this particular photo, then results may disappoint you. Ask, How can I Redefine this “PhotoShot”.

Let there be “Enough Light”:

iPhone camera, a great piece of technology, but has a drawback when it comes to, taking pictures in low light, there are apps in Cydia store to take advantage of control of flash light, but still, to take great pictures, make sure there is enough light, before you start your Endeavour.

Turn iPhone into Camera:


iPhone iPhone iPhone


Yes, it’s that easy, Turn your iPhone, and hold it like camera, use Volume+ button as the Shoot Button. The benefit is that, you get to hold phone with both hands, and get rid of shake, which can blurthe photo, trying to press shutter.

Avoid Zoom:

Using zoom, actually makes your iPhone ultra sensitive to the shaky hands. What is the alternative, you ask? Move closer to object whenever you can, don’t avoid zoom altogether, just use it as sparsely as you can.

Move around Edges:

It’s a small camera, so it can help you move into places, extend your reach where you can’t reach normally. The trick is to, use in Ear headphones with remote and Microphone to capture the Picture. Volume+ button on headset will work as shutter.

Lens, a Clean Glass:

Keep your leans clean with a cotton cloth regularly.



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