Play Cut the Rope, One of Most Played Action Puzzle Games

Play Cut the Rope,  One of Most Played Action Puzzle Games

If you haven’t then Play Cut the Rope. First thing first, this game had me at “little monster Om Nom”, who waits for candy to be feed to him. Look at him, if you haven’t, isn’t he one of the adorable little thing.

From the iTunes App Store description,

300 million downloads around the world of this phenomenal puzzle game. 350 levels and more to come!

StoryLine, “Feed the Om Nom”



It starts with an arrival of mysterious package, and you find inside the little monster, but an adorable one. Harmless, and in need of your attention, and hungry. What could you do to help him? He wants Candy. He wants to be taken in to care, starved, and watching you help him through Ropes that attach to Candy, Spiders and other Obstacles like Spike strips. It make keep you awake at night, and turn you away from your friends, and even your duties. Why? Because Creature even though being a monster, he is as adorable, and the “a Frown of disapproval” A facial expression you don’t ever want to have him make, as you may Err in helping him feed.


What Makes it Addictive for Millions?

You have the control to “cut the rope” but the simplicity converts in to solving the physics/Action Puzzle solving. But the Selling point is the “Emotional Involvement” of one’s in being Patron of one’s Starving Little Monster, and one’s desire to see the look of Approval, once feed successfully Compared to the Facial Expression of Not being Feed, on the face of Little Adorable Monster. In addition, the Look of approval is so loving, and connection building that will make you want to have him love you, always. As a close pet, or beloved creature.

Game Play and Interface:


Refreshing interface, with bright colors and the gestures used in the game play are primitively simple. Rules for this game are rules of Physics, rotating ropes, balloons, and obstacles, everything adheres to the Physics of Natural World, we work with everyday. Good for short game play, and even for keeping you awake all night, unless you drop dead to sleep. A Candy suspends by a rope, and the levels add various level of complexity, rising the level of Physical Puzzle.

Ultimate Goal in Each Level

Drop that Piece of Candy, into the mouth of Om Nom. A clever word play from the sound of Eating tasty things, is used to come up with the name of Om Nom. Side goals include, trying to collect stars, that open hidden things. In addition, these stars are, a hint to you, that you can complete the level by collecting them, so it adds to an additional level of challenge for each level you play.

Game play includes, the foresight skill and planning to achieve the desired result of Feeding Om Nom. Timing of your gestures, as you cut the rope is of supreme importance and virtually all game depends upon mastering this skill.


This game is beyond the time where it needs any raving reviews, as the millions of downloads and awards of Cut the Rope game speak for themselves. If you aren’t a raving fan, and enjoy Action-Puzzle games, this definitely deserves your attention.

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