PressReader: What happened in World Today?

PressReader: What happened in World Today?

We live in a connected world, Do you not realize it more and more? Do you not have contacts all over the world? The intriguing and mystical India and subcontinent? The Africa with all its Jungles and Natural Beauty, and Problems. If not adventurous, you may come to know someone who is from Europe. Or are you the sort of person, who like mental voyages? Do you travel a lot? Want to know about local news of a particular country? Does most of what happens in the world impacts us? Do you like to keep yourself informed with “Various Perspectives”. PressReader might interest you.


What is PressReader?

Think of all the newspapers, and magazines of the world packed into one small package. It packs thousands of newspapers and magazines from more than one hundred countries, almost as they are found locally in Print Paper Form.

Is it same as Reading like Actual News Paper?

Yes, and No. Digital Readers present a mix of world like experience, as they use metaphor of actual paper newspapers for their design and conception. Yet they are different. You miss the feel of actual newspaper and its smell, with morning coffee. But for a greener world, you may have to switch to Digital newspapers one day after all.

But then again, PressReader isn’t a single newspaper, its a resource of “What happened in the world  today” and even more at your finger tips, while you commute or are in a waiting line. Without carrying anything extra then your cell phone perhaps.


Good Morning:

Morning Ritual starts with Coffee and Newspapers, all you can get or may wish to read, through PressReader. If in hurry, it would read the news for you, as you drive, or are in to multitasking other tasks at the same time. Some days are just crazy, you know. Here are the features of this wonderful App.


  1. Auto-delivery of one’s favorite publications
  2. Attention-grabbing SmartFlow stream
  3. SmartSearch functionality
  4. Article commenting
  5. Printing full pages or articles
  6. Sharing stories by email or on Facebook or Twitter
  7. Saving articles to Evernote or Instapaper
  8. Listening to articles using on-demand audio
  9. Sharing your opinion by supporting or opposing a story
  10. And more


What is SmartFlow?

The main reason, you may not like an app that promises so much data, because it fails on interface. Where does the analogy of real world stop? The screen size and intuitive interface and icons, and minimization and maximization views and their right blend works to present too many newspapers, and then a smartflow place where you can control the size, share and rate the App. Life like reading experience meets interactive online sort of experience.

What happens with your comments? that perhaps needs explanation from PressReader. Does this data flows back to the publishers? Can they be made aware of comments made in this App?

Loved SmartSearch functionality, it was easy to find particular newspapers.

PressReader has the elements of engagement, and does deliver what it promise to most of the extent. But our suggestion is to add more Newspapers, and perhaps take in to account popularity of publications as well, or trust factor, Perhaps even based upon the users who get to use this App. Any interface could be improved, in updated version they should work on the More beautiful and interactive interface for the App.

Share what you love while browsing, “what happened in world today” on your iPhone and iPad. After all it’s a connected world.

Joshua Logan
Journalist, Mobile Apps developer, and Human Computer Interaction expert writes columns and reviews for Technograte, TechWench, and other technology sites. He loves to write about interfaces, and adds opinions about how technology can serve us better. Google

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