Ready Or Not For A 3D Gesture? 3D Gestures Coming To iOS Soon

Ready For A 3D Gesture

What is a 3D Gesture?, before we get to that we rather need to know what is Gesture recognition? Defined by Wikipedia as,

Gesture recognition is a topic in computer science and language technology with the goal of interpreting human gestures via mathematical algorithms.”

Recently reported by iClarified,

Apple has filed a patent entitled ‘Working with 3D objects’ that describes techniques and systems that support generating, modifying, and manipulating 3D objects using 3D gesture inputs.

Three-dimensional objects can be modified using 3D gesture inputs. For example, a 3D object shown on a touch-sensitive display can be detected, and a 3D gesture input that includes a movement of a finger or a pointing device in proximity to a surface of the touch-sensitive display can be detected. Detecting the 3D gesture input can include measuring a distance between the finger or the pointing device and a surface of the display. The 3D object can be modified according to the 3D gesture input, and the updated 3D object can be shown on the touch-sensitive display.

Clarification of this Patent:

If you are a non-tech person, what all this complicated Patent would do for you is, you would make a gesture in the air like, come hither, and a picture would open, given if you are in Picture Gallery. Perhaps quite a few workable Gestures can be made in the air, and if detected correctly would make interaction with the Mobile/Cell Phone interfaces more engaging experience.

For years, i hated only being able to use mouse, and this 3D gesture stuff, finally makes the cut for a comfortable way of interacting with interfaces, there remains to be seen, how accurate and fast this 3D gesture stuff is? would it deliver its promise or create more frustration?

Source: iClarified

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