Remote App for iPad: RC Trackpad, Forget your Typical Mouse

Remote App for iPad: RC Trackpad

Better display, and bigger screen one may get if PC or Mac is connected to LED, LCD, or a Plasma TV, in the comfort of your room, and at a distance, through a Remote App. It makes your work more engaging. Even for Entertainment and Streaming movies and for watching On demand News, and On demand view of the particular webpages. On demand delivery of content gives Commoners more power and control. And we are to Celebrate anything that gives Power to Commoner. Technology is putting an end to Kingship, and making commoners Powerful beyond measure.

What is RC Trackpad?

Trackpad defined by Wikipedia,

Laptop Trackpad

Laptop Trackpad (Photo credit: New Technik)

“A touchpad or trackpad is a pointing device featuring a tactile sensor, a

specialized surface that can translate the motion and position of a user’s fingers to a relative position on screen”

RC Trackpad, means Remote Conductor Trackpad, Simply put, this App makes your iDevice act as a Trackpad for your Computer (PC or Mac). It works Flawlessly, as many big names are behind this Elegant Piece of Software, designed by Former Software Engineers of Google and Microsoft.

How to Set it up?

It require two pieces of software,

  1. One Server Software to be used on PC or Mac, can be downloaded from RCTrackpad website.
  2. RC Remote App for iDevice you may come to use, iPad or iPhone

Have the software installed on PC/Mac and then launch the App from your iDevice, that would have you set up. Now your iDevice would be ready to talk to the device at distance a.k.a PC or Mac.

As an intelligent App would, it comes to life and searches for Computers on one’s Network, that run Server Software for RC Trackpad. After authentication, you would land on a Mouse Pad. Its interesting in a way that it lets you change and select images from the built-in images, or from Computer library.

Remote App

Gesture to Action, Recognize my Gesture

The killer feature that sold it for us was, Gestures. Around 20 Gestures, that can be mapped on the 20 Actions from launching Apps to closing them, hiding or minimizing them. It also includes pinch to zoom, scroll inversion is optional as well.

Other Key Features

  1. Remote Keyboard with 72 extended keys including ctrl, alt, cmd, win, arrow, function, media, browser and more.
  2. Media Remote (play / pause, next / pref, fast forward, rewind, mute and volume)
  3. Application Launcher automatically finds computers installed programs and displays them like on iPad
  4. Mac’s dock or PC taskbar shown as scrollable launch bar
  5. Thumbnail based app / document switcher, organized by most recent use
  6. Control apps (quit app, hide, close window, minimize, maximize)
  7. Automatic computer discovery – or static IP
  8. Set custom background image

We love the accuracy of the Tracking, and Gestures. It can be tweaked through settings, the mouse tracking speed and network update rate.

Writing through the keyboard is awesome, it lets use one through its interface, it makes it far easier to type, and the response time of typing through the device, iPad or iPhone is top-notch.

We have looked up how secure this remote application is, and we can say without a doubt that this is quite safe to use as far as identity theft is concern.


It saves you money, if you are to use it as an alternative Physical Trackpad. They also have a lite version for anyone to experience this App, with limited capabilities.

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