Select Text Faster, Better, Easier Way with SwipeSelection [Video]

Select Text Faster, Better, Easier Way with SwipeSelection

Selecting text on iPhone remains terrible thing to say the least. If you had to move the text, then certainly you are in for a bit of workload. SwipeSelection promises to make the process easy for us. However, there is mixed response to the tweak.

How it Works:

The concept is that, you have to slide one finger over the keyboard, to move the cursor. Simultaneously you would have to hold down the shift key, while the other finger slides and select the lines of text you want to copy or move. This tweak is perhaps more useful on the iPad than on iPhone. However, more problems are faced while selecting text over the iPhone.


From Developer

“A new way to edit text on the iPad (and iPhone/iPod) using gestures on the keyboard to move the cursor and select text.”

Compatibility with Other Languages:

When it was first launched, this tweak wasn’t compatible with languages others than English. However, later on the developers of this tweak added support for other major Languages like Arabic selection with SwipeSelection as well.

Biggest Draw Back: No support for Webpages

The biggest drawback of this tweak is, its inability to support selection of text of web pages. We live in connected world, with lot of our real identity state present over the web. Everyone is virtually always browsing, finding information, and looking for recipe. Had it for the selection of information over the web, this tweaks have one more hearts.

There are other minor issues with selection the text, as you swipe your finger. In addition, some people complain about not being compatible with other keyboard third party tweaks. Emoji support is missing.


Despite it’s issues, this tweak is liked by many, as it facilitates for them editing. Specially if you have to work with other major languages apart from English.

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