Which one is the Best iPhone Browser? 360 Web

Which one is the Best iPhone Browser?

Soon you realize, because of Apple’s inherent limitations, their browser isn’t the best iPhone Browser. What do you think, when you imagine the concept of browser in your head?

  1. Previews of the Webpage as you hover mouse
  2. Tabs, to seamlessly switch from one Webpage to another
  3. Plugins
  4. Bigger learning curve

Although Apple gave their native Safari browser a Revamp, Gave a new and improved form, appearance for iOS 7. It looks futuristic, but still some browsers would make their way to iOS 7 enabled devices this fall.

best iphone browser

Problems with Small Screen Browsers? Bad Interface

What should we reward? as far as innovative “Interface” for basic applications we use and are frustrated with?Perhaps attempts to grab the complexity of desktop applications on a smaller screen with, innovative new designs.

360 Web Browser for iOS came to our attention because of its unique interface. It has many features, found missing in native Safari Browser,


  1. Tabs
  2. Interface gives a unique new “Arc,” for Navigation
  3. To Sync Bookmarks from 360 to Firefox through Firefox Sync, Transfers what you browse on iPhone to Desktop Firefox
  4. Smart Tabs, which creates desktop-style experience
  5. Best Download Manager, download any type of file
  6. Media player built-in for listening to music, audio while browsing the Web
  7. Cloud integration, in the shape of Dropbox integration
  8. customize multi-touch gestures, mapping on certain actions
  9. Plugins like Firebug Lite, Instapaper, Evernote and many more
  10. Adblock feature also included
  11. Saving pages for offline viewing
  12. Full-screen mode
  13. Support for landscape and Portrait orientation
  14. A default page containing Preview of “famous” pages, bookmarks, or commonly visited sites
  15. And Plugins

It Delivers goods, but needs more improvement

When it was first launched, it had in it to even beat big guns like, Chrome, Opera and even Dolphin. It has improved quite a lot. But perhaps re-engineering it to remove errors like Slowness, Crash-Proneness. Devoid of these problems, it would reemerge as the best in business.

Recreate Experience of Desktop Browsing on Small Screen

It does re-create the actual Firefox like experience, with tabs, that everyone miss on native Safari. The killer feature of its interface is Arc, that pops up and lets you manage stuff, like new tabs, checking history of browsing and much more. But perhaps this analogy of Firefox like browser doesn’t hold for the small screen. Many would never carry iPad, or Laptops everywhere. Everyone would perhaps a smartphone in their pocket. So a step down version, would suffice.

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