Understanding Commonly Used iPhone New Jailbreak Terms

Evasion Untethered Jailbreak of 6.1

Evasion Untethered Jailbreak of 6.1 (Photo credit: (vhmh))

iPhone New Jailbreak Terms

Have you used iPhone? What are iPhone, New Jailbreak Terms, are you aware of them?. When you hear the word jailbreak what comes into your mind? To the older generation it could mean somebody is plotting to bolt out of jail to escape. While the younger generation would think that it has something to do with letting your iPhone free. You see different generations have different ideas of terms. That is why this article will help you understand what the common jailbreak terms are so you will not feel awkward in some conversations.


For the older generation, jailbreak is also used as a term to allow your iPhone to use other applications that are not found in the App Store. You see Apple made sure that their iOS environment is tight and close. Jailbroken iOS devices gets to use Cydia or rejected apps by Apple to be run on iOS-based devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. Jailbreak is not synonymous with unlocking.


Did you get your iPhone with a carrier? Chances are you will not be able to use it with a competitor until your contract expires. That is why if you want to use another SIM card from a carrier other than your original one you need to unlock your phone. The unlock process vary from one firmware to another. The common route, however, is to jailbreak first your iPhone and install an application that would allow your phone to be unlocked.


We mentioned Cydia earlier and you probably been scratching your head figuring out what it is. Cydia is actually a library of banned and disallowed apps from the AppStore that you can use on your device. The whole practice of jailbreaking is to allow your phone to run applications that are not found on the AppStore. Cydia houses different applications for a variety of uses. Another term that you may hear is respos or repositories which simply refers to sources of apps that you can add up in the manage section.


Recovery Mode and DFU

This is basically what the phone is trying to say. If the screen of your iPhone shows “connect to iTunes” logo and has a slider for emergency purposes then it is said to be in recovery mode. No need to feel some anxiety or stress about this. A lot of people are confused about this DFU when the screen shows “connect to iTunes” and there is no slider then it is said that it is in DFU mode. DFU mode can also yield a blank screen.


When you have a desktop you get a desktop computer when you have an iPhone then you have a springboard. It is basically the term used to tag the interface that is constantly interacting with. Another term that is related to this one is called respringing. Some of the apps that you may be installing would need a springboard. It is akin to refreshing your desktop computer.

Jailbreaking is a fairly new term that is not well understood by all age-groups. Even some of the young people have difficulty understanding the different terms when you do some jailbreaking. That is why it is important to know the terms so you will not become ignorant of the current trends in technology.

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