Velox your way to a Superb HomeScreen on iPhone

What is Velox:

Velox, is a Latin word meaning “swift” or “rapid”. Velox for Jailbroken iOS iDevices mean, a Cydia tweak to supercharge their Home Screens.  What are the things that are catered for by the tweaks that change the look and feel of your iDevice?


The Under-used interface of iDevices

Springboard comes to mind, then there is notification area, which is by default underused, and looks not so pretty compared to Android devices, and how they leverage it to easily change setting of Wi-Fi to hundreds of other stuff, that keeps poping up, which you can get it to in a swipe. Something like that overhauls the whole iOS experience.


Velox as a Platform:

Velox is more like a platform, which allows you add to it more add-ons, to give it a unique signature of you.It has quite a few add-ons to supercharge the experience. It starts when you get a new notification in any App. Its features include the following


  1. Swipe any App icon to Interact
  2. Dismiss, pull up the App, or clear the notification
  3. Add-ons to customize it to your needs
  4. Real value of saving time, by making it easier to interact
  5. Interacts with Native  apps like Camera, Music, Mail,  Setting, etc


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Real value added by this Cydia tweak, is that you don’t have to open the apps to check for the notifications, each and every time there is new notification, nor notifications keep piling up and you fail to check them.

1. iMessage:

To “compose new message” Tap on the icon, or swipe up and down, both will work. It also allows you to reply to a message you just received right from the springboard.

2. Mail: Pretty much the same goes for mail, like iMessages. Pull up Velox, by swipes. See all your emails. Swipe left to dismiss email, and Swipe right to compose email. However, that email be a “quick reply” and that is the promise of the Velox, to save time, increase level of interaction.

3. Photos: What are Photos for, if not shared on social platforms, Do the swipe and you can easily post the last saved photo on Facebook or Twitter. Yes, it can be emailed right off the bat. In addition, you can save the images with the swipe, to send them off through iMessages or some other app if you may wish to do so.

4. Phone:

Its such an annoyance, not being able to see the list of missed calls and texts, or to be able to call them quickly, which latest android phones allow to do so.

5. System Settings:

It’s the interface issue, to be not able to turn on/off Wi-Fi without pouring through the settings, have instant access main settings for your iDevice:  WiFi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, etc

6. Browse:

Pull up Velox and, you can browse to anyURL website that you need to from the home screen.

7. Compatibility:

It is compatible with these: Auxo, Zephyr, Abstergo, infinifolders, BiteSMS, Springtomize 2 and quite a few others.


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